28 Day Meditation Challenge

Discover how 10 minutes a day can change your life.

Always wanted to learn how to meditate, but not sure how to go about it – or create the habit?

Meditated before, but given up and want to get restarted?

Then how about joining the thousands who have discovered how the 28 Day Meditation Challenge can reach parts that other meditation courses can’t?

Being taught how to meditate is rarely enough;
Being guided, step by step, through how to create your meditation habit is what makes the difference between a ‘nice idea’ and a life-changing experience.

The 28 Day Meditation Challenge is an inspired blend of meditation and mindfulness techniques, combined with modern psychology, to help you overcome your excuses, bust through the most common meditation myths and finally build a meditation practice that works for you, no matter how busy you are.

Led by Clare Josa (Meditation Teacher & NLP Trainer), you will feel confident as you build on each day’s practices, creating firm foundations for your future and – according to past students – feeling happier, more calm, more at peace and ready to handle whatever life throws at you! :-)

The 28 Day Meditation Challenge started as an online interactive course, with its own members-only forum. It is now also available as a paperback book (with audio CD) and Kindle book (with MP3s).

To find out more and get started on your 28 Day Meditation Challenge today:


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28 Day Meditation Challenge Paperback – ISBN 978-1908854261

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28 Day Meditation Challenge Kindle – ISBN 978-1908854261

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