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Daily Sunshine is packed with short-n-sweet inspiration – and it’s ready-and-waiting for you every weekday – or once a week, if that’s what you prefer!

Fed up of waking up to an inbox of nagging emails you’d rather ignore?

How about making sure there’s a ray of sunshine in there, too, to lift your mood and inspire your day? If you’re into feeling happier, making a difference to the world and generally de-stressing, it’ll be right up your street.

To make sure you get your copy each weekday, you can sign up now! I hope you enjoy it!

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This inspiration is offered free of charge – with love. However, there will be an very gentle nudge every 3 months, to make an optional donation to charity or do something to help someone you know, as a form of energy exchange, if you feel the previous 3 months of Daily Sunshine have helped and inspired you!



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What People Are Saying About Daily Sunshine

Dear Clare

I love my Daily Sunshine emails! They’re exactly the thing that is needed to jolt me out of early-morning-grumpy mode every day and make me think about what makes me and others happy. Thank you for them and bless you.


I love getting these e-mails. Sometimes I am having a difficult day I look on my e-mail and I have a breath of fresh air.


“Whether you just want to start the day with a smile on your face or be inspired to change your life, Daily Sunshine fits the bill. Titbits of deep thought; bursts of rainbow thinking; flashes of heart opening clarity, the Daily Sunshine has it all. Give it a try, it’ll brighten every day and it might just change your life (it has for me!) Sign up now and make every day brighter.”


“Hello Clare,
I have been enjoying a dose of “Daily Sunshine” from you for the past four months. Many of the quotes have had an impact on me but none more than this one. I now realise that I have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Yeah, sure I’ve read that happiness comes from within, but this has hit home with me “ BIG TIME”. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You……..
Peace to you & yours,”



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