Are You A Complementary Therapist Looking For CPD Courses?

Are you a complementary therapist or other practitioner who needs to complete CPD?

Looking for something a bit different from what you normally get to choose?

Perhaps we can help.

CPD course for complementary therapy professionals

CPD course for complementary therapy professionals

Vibrant Alternatives – 2012 Courses

We’re in the process of finalising our 2012 schedule and are planning some really special courses, just for complementary therapists and practitioners.

Whether you want to take them for your own enjoyment or as part of an accredited Continuous Personal Development training plan, you will find them tailored to your needs – and those of your clients.

Next year’s courses will include:

  • A Diploma in NLP
    Want to discover some amazingly simple, yet highly effective techniques you can use to help your clients let go of their blocks, just by chatting to them during your therapy sessions?
    Want to find out how to avoid the language patterns that could accidentally keep them stuck and block their ability to change?
    Then a diploma in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) could be just what you’re looking for.
    A 4 day course which can be taken in 2 x 2 day sections, over 12 months, to fit your schedule (fully certified qualification under INLPTA)
  • Teaching Deep Relaxation
    So many of the challenges people face these days could be helped by being able to fully relax, on a regular basis.
    Being able to teach your clients to relax, quickly and easily, could be a really useful technique to use, as part of your usual treatments.
    This 2 day course will guide you through the key skills someone needs to acquire, to be able to let go and de-stress, in a format that allows you to easily teach them to your clients.
  • Tapping In To Your Inner Wisdom
    This 2 day course takes you through deeply powerful processes to help you tune in to your inner wisdom even more effectively, when working with clients.
    And, of course, it has a knock-on effect on all other areas of your life!
  • Letting Go Of Your Blocks
    This 2 day workshop is designed to help you create a clear vision for your complementary therapy practice, to help you identify any fear or belief-based blocks you are running and to start to release them.
    If you want to take your business to the next level and help even more people, then this course is not to be missed.


We’re happy to work with your professional body, where necessary, to help them understand the benefits of these CPD courses and ensure you get your Continuing Professional Development credits.

To find out more, please call Clare on 07919 11 4440 or fill in the contact form below.

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