10 Minute Belly Breathing Meditation For Kids

Just 10 minutes a day of meditation or deep relaxation can make a profound difference for a child.

It can help them concentrate, relax, get things into perspective and even feel happier, more grounded and more positive.

If a doctor could give children a pill to do all that, most parents would be tempted to use it.

But meditation & mindfulness don’t need a prescription; it’s completely free and has no negative side effects!

So how about giving this one a go today?

10 Minute Belly Breathing Meditation

Help your kids feel more relaxed & happier in under 10 minutes

Help your kids feel more relaxed & happier in under 10 minutes

For older children, with a longer concentration span, aim to build up to 10 minutes for this exercise.

For younger children and toddlers, even 10 breaths would be a great start!

10 Minute Belly-Breathing Meditation

  1. Sit quietly with your child at a time when they’re up for playing with this
  2. Make sure you both have your back straight, your shoulders relaxed and your chin tucked in a little, to relax your neck.
  3. Belly breathing is easier for young children when they can see their belly moving, so get them to copy you as you put your hands on your belly, just above your belly button. You want your fingertips of your middle fingers to be lightly touching, as your belly is pushed towards your back.
  4. Then, as you breathe in, allow your belly to expand (now is NOT the time to worry about looking fat ;-) !). Your fingertips will move apart.
  5. Breathe out, belly goes back towards your spine, fingertips go back together.
  6. Continue this with your little one, breathing together, for as long as they can hold their attention.

This is a wonderful practice for kids (and grown ups!) because it brings the focus back to the breath, bringing the breath back to the lower abdomen, rather than the chest and shoulders – that’s where it hangs out when we’re stressed.

Belly breathing also gives the internal organs a gentle massage (they’re designed to get one, every time the diaphragm moves!). It helps re-oxygenate the blood, can improve concentration and generally has a positive impact on health.

Helping your kids learn to concentrate, with a simple exercise like belly breathing, can help them relax and find it easier to concentrate at school.

The benefits are enormous. Plus it’s fun and free!

How about sharing how you get on, via the comments box?

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