Banish The Winter Blues!

Banishing the winter blues

Time to banish the winter blues?

You don’t need to be suffering from full-blown Seasonal Affective Disorder to feel low on energy and warmth in winter time.

The recent cold snap in the UK has reminded many of us how tough it can be to feel relaxed and happy, when temperatures are sub-zero and the sun rarely comes out to play!

Before we realise that the smiles of summer have disappeared for another year, we can end up feeling tense, tired, irritable, lethargic and generally yuck.

Do you really want to wait till next summer to feel good again?

Want To Banish The Winter Blues?

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Here is some of what you’ll be covering:

Day One – Choices

It’s a cold, hard fact that over 90% of our experience of the winter blues is down to how we choose to feel about it. It’s not the cold that makes us miserable, it’s our response to it.

Discover two simple questions you can ask yourself, to break free from the winter blues – today!

Day Two – Get Moving

Winter tends to make us want to curl up in a ball and hibernate like a hedgehog, but that causes all sorts of problems. It makes us feel sluggish, tired and grumpy. Discover 3 easy ways to get moving again and wake yourself up a bit!

Day Three – Letting Go

Cold weather (and thinking about the cold!) causes us to tense up our bodies, leading to aches, pains and more, lasting long beyond the winter months. Here are some simple exercises you can do, to release that tension, to help you feel more awake and energised, throughout the winter months.

Day Four – How’s Your Breathing?

Winter posture tends to make us breathe badly – which has a knock-on affect for our physical health and emotional and mental states. Find out how just two minutes a day of special breathing techniques can help bring more sunshine into your day.

Day Five – Seeing The Light

Forget about expensive S.A.D. lights, there’s a really cheap (and incredibly effective) way of boosting your light levels this winter in just a couple of minutes a day.

Day Six – Winter Food Traps

In winter, not only do we tend to gravitate towards comfort food, but we tend to eat more often because we’re feeling cold, tired and miserable. Discover the five common food traps that are all-too-easy to fall into over winter – and how they could be wrecking your mood.

Day Seven – Winter-To-Summer Action Plan

Create your own, practical action plan, to move gently from winter, through spring and into summer. Find out how to tailor it so it will work for you, however busy your life is. Then you need never feel the winter blues again!

With love,

Clare Josa
Meditation Teacher, NLP Trainer, Writer & Personal Mentor
Beyond Alchemy Ltd

What People Are Saying About “Banish The Winter Blues”


Thank you for the help with Banishing the Winter Blues, such simple remedies which I should and do know about, but tend to forget!


Today’s email was great – it’s not rocket-science, but that’s really useful, too. It means I can put it into action straight away and it’s making a big difference already. Thank you so much.


I had completely overlooked the link between winter comfort food and feeling low. After just a few days of implementing the day six strategies you suggested, I feel like I’m back in control and on the way to feeling happier again. Thank you.


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