4 Little Words To Keep You Sane!

I’ll always remember the total shock that followed shortly after the arrival of my first son. It was an emotional rollercoaster – often wonderful, sometimes challenging. And I quickly learned 4 little words that kept me sane during those early months. Want to know what they were?

It didn’t matter that I had done the local NHS antenatal classes (where it was all about birth and they kind of forgot to mention ‘what came afterwards’!).

And even despite the local NCT course (where – thank goodness – they taught me how to change a nappy, complete with Marmite & mustard on the doll’s bottom!), I felt totally unprepared for those first few weeks and months.

Once the ‘excitement’ of the ‘arrival process’ had died down, I reaslised how little time I had ever spent with babies. In fact, I don’t think I had ever held a baby younger than several months old, despite having reached my thirties.

No amount of reading books can really prepare you for those first few months – because every new mum’s journey is going to be unique.

We had our fair share of challenges, with difficulties establishing feeding and adjusting to the change of sleep patterns and the total change of life priorities, as well as our fair share of smiles.

The night feeds gave me time to catch up on some reading and I found myself finally leaving the ‘parenting books’ to one side, whilst diving into the Dalai Lama’s autobiography, Freedom in Exile.

Night after night, as I read about his life journey, I realised that there were 4 little words that could help me ‘stay sane’ and even enjoy some of the changes and challenges we were facing.

I realised that, when you’re in unfamiliar territory and out of your comfort zone, it’s all too easy to get stuck in the ‘story’ or even the ‘drama’ of what is going on.

Yet nothing in life is permanent.

My mantra became:

“This too will pass.”

4 little words. So much meaning.

Every time I found myself getting stressed or worried, I took a deep relaxation grounding breath and told myself, “This too will pass.” And it did. Every time.

It didn’t mean I pretended there was nothing that needed action – or that I didn’t need to ask for help – but it helped me keep my head above the ocean of drama it was trying to create. And I found it much easier to enjoy the ride.

In fact, I’m still using it most days, 7 years on! Nowadays, it helps me remember to enjoy the moment. It goes so quickly ;-)

“This too will pass” ~ how could that one help you today?

I’d love to hear your views via the comments box, below!

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